Welcome to Glitch Computer Solutions blog page.

I have had numerous people ask me “What’s wrong with my computer” with a puzzled desperate look on their face. More often then not it had been something so simple they could fix it themselves with a little guidance. I have discovered that a great portion of the general public know what a computer is but have no clue what to do with it when it no longer wants to function like it used to. They then take it in for “repairs” and get charged and arm and a leg for something they could have fixed by themselves.

Hence the reason I created this blog. I will also at times give you an update on some interesting new IT inventions that will change the way you interact with the Information world around you. So stay tuned!

This blog will be updated as regularly as I can write new articles for you to read and comment on.

If you would like to contact me for help on issues you may be having, please visit http://www.glitchcs.co.za for all my details.

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